Skin Allergy Patch Testing

Skin allergies can be uncomfortable and unsightly. If your skin irritates from an unknown cause, let our dermatologists perform Skin Allergy Patch Testing to determine if an allergy is responsible for your condition, and help you with effective management of the discomfort and distress.

A skin allergy is an immune response to something in the environment when your skin comes in contact with it and considers it harmful. Usually, a substance that becomes an allergen and draws allergic reactions from one person may appear harmless and normal to another person. Therefore, singling out exact causes that irritate immune systems to produce allergic reactions has been quite a challenge. However, some of the risk factors that can trigger skin allergy are detergents and soaps, flowers and fragrances, cosmetic products, chemicals, and metals.  

Skin allergies can manifest themselves as rashes, blisters, tiny bumps filled with fluids, redness, itching, and roughness or dryness of the skin.

Based on symptoms, dermatologists have classified them into three groups:

  • Eczema is a chronic skin condition characterized by red, itchy patches on the skin. They often appear as allergic reactions on the face, neck, shoulders, back, and chest.
  • Contact dermatitis is triggered by soap, detergent, or certain metals and manifests itself as blisters and itchy or burnt rashes on the skin of your hands, arms, feet, and face.
  • Hives can be an acute or chronic skin condition, often developed by infections. People suffering from Hives have unsightly red bumps oozing fluids on the skin.

While most cases of skin allergies are not life-threatening or contagious and often subside on their own or with little medical care, there are specific cases such as chicken-pox that require adequate treatment for the management of their symptoms.

If you’re troubled by an allergic reaction and its symptoms, see our experienced Dermatologists at American Hospital Dubai, who will conduct skin allergy patch testing to determine the underlying cause of skin irritation, and offer personalized treatment options to effectively treat and improve the skin condition.

Skin Allergy Patch Testing:

During skin allergy testing, your skincare Consultant exposes a skin patch to the suspected allergens and monitors for allergic reactions. This is achieved by applying paper tapes containing small amounts of allergens onto the skin. These tapes are removed after a while, and the skin with a red, itchy bump or blister that looks like a mosquito bite confirms an allergy.

Allergy skin testing is a quick, simple, and safe procedure that is conducted at the office by experienced dermatologists. It causes little to no discomfort and allows patients to resume their routine activities immediately.

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Our technology-advanced Dermatology Centre works on the principle of addressing allergic disorders, including skin allergy, safely and successfully. We offer the latest insights into patient care, use proven methods to diagnose and treat a range of skin allergies. Our skincare specialists also brief patients about their allergies and educate them about preventive measures, which allow them to lead safer and healthier lives.

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