Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery for Pain-Free Living

Robot assisted knee replacement surgery is an innovative approach, 替代传统的外科手术, to treat patients suffering from knee-related problems. Since it involves the most advanced robotic-arm technology, it requires additional expertise to successfully perform knee replacement procedures. Our Orthopedic Surgeons at 迪拜美国医院 are a highly-effective option for patients considering robotic-assisted total knee replacement.

When non-surgical treatment options fail to relieve symptoms, your orthopedic consultant may indicate knee replacement surgery for the removal or replacement of worn-out or damaged areas of the knee joint with artificial implants. The artificial implant is composed of highly selective endurable material to function as a healthy human joint. When performed by employing robot-assisted technology, the procedure begins with highly advanced computer measurments of the bone anatomy of the operated knee. This helps the Surgeon to create a personalized surgical plan and put the components of the new knee back in place with a higher degree of accuracy and precision.

Our Orthopedic Consultants at 迪拜美国医院 provide diagnosis and minimally invasive knee replacement surgery options using the state-of-the-art robotic-arm system for, total knee or partial knee arthroplasty as an alternative to conventional replacement surgery methods. While robot-assisted surgery is aimed at relieving pain, 恢复对齐, 恢复或改善膝盖的功能, the surgical staff makes sure that each patient at our technology-advanced Orthopedic Unit receives highly-specialized care during and after the surgery.

Types of Robotic-assisted Knee Surgery Performed at 迪拜美国医院:

In order to provide patients with a personalized surgical experience based on their individual diagnosis and anatomy, our orthopedic surgeons use robotic-arm technology to perform the following knee surgeries to repair or replace the damaged or injured knee:

全膝关节置换术: Total knee replacement involves the removal and replacement of the whole diseased or damaged joint with an artificial joint called an implant.

部分膝关节置换术: Partial knee replacement involves the removal and replacement of only the damaged or worn-out part of the knee joint. This surgery is indicated for patients diagnosed with partial or compartmental osteoarthritis that leads to severe knee pain, knee swelling, and knee locking. It is performed in one or two of the following three sections of the knee in an attempt to resolve symptoms and regain a natural knee movement.

  • Unicondylar knee replacement surgery is performed to replace only the medial or lateral area of the knee
  • Patellofemoral knee replacement involves the diseased patella and the trochlea. Patella refers to a kneecap, whereas the trochlea is a groove at the end of the thigh bone
  • Bicompartmental knee replacement surgery is carried out on two areas of the knee: the medial and patellofemoral


The robotic-arm assisted surgery at 迪拜美国医院 is carried out in three phases:

  • Before Surgery: During this phase, the doctor runs the patient through special X-ray views of the affected Knee, 确定需要操作的区域. These views are transferred into the system software that generates a unique pre-operative plan for each patient.
  • During Surgery: Based on the unique pre-operative plan and intraoperative robotic measurements, the robotic-arm assists the Surgeon to perform a surgery by placing implants back into the position and restoring its alignment with the highest accuracy and precision.
  • After Surgery骨科人员(由外科og体育平台组成), nurses, and therapists) will determine recovery goals for patients and monitor their progress.


Compared to traditional surgical methods for knee replacement, robot-assisted knee surgery offers the following benefits:

  • Involves tiny incisions to reach the targeted affected area
  • 提供快速和安全的恢复
  • Ensures the highest degree of precision and accuracy when it comes to incorporating the implant into its position
  • 对周围组织的损伤很小或没有损伤
  • 优化种植体的使用寿命

If you would like to have additional information on available treatments for knee-related issues or would like to enquire about robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery at 迪拜美国医院, please book an appointment with our Orthopedic Consultant(s) by filling out a secure online form right away.

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