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If you’re seeking premium cataract treatment, the experienced team of ophthalmologists at the 眼科学 Department of American Hospital Dubai can explain your best options for premium IOLs, so you get the optimal vision after your cataract surgery.


Each eye has a lens - a window made of clear protein and water - that focuses light onto the retina, which sends it to the brain. As one gets older, the proteins change in texture, and parts of the eye lens turn cloudy. Resultantly, things look blurry and have a brownish tint. This condition is called a cataract.

If left untreated, cataracts end up causing blindness for life. 幸运的是, this condition is treatable and can be corrected through a vision correction surgery that involves intraocular lens implant - an artificial replacement for the lens of an eye, which is made of a clear plastic. IOLs are also referred as “premium” intraocular lenses, for offering enhanced multi-vision features to address issues like astigmatism, 近视, 远视, reading glasses or computer glasses, 和更多的.

Today there is a wide variety of premium IOLs available. 然而, the patient’s specific visual needs, 生活方式, and overall health determine the type of IOLs used for them to replace their eye’s natural lens and improve their sight. During your pre-operative exam and consultation, Dr. Mustafa will help you choose the best IOL in accordance with your needs.

Types of Cataract Intraocular Lenses: (IOLs)

There are several different types of premium cataract treatment, which include:

Toric IOLs: They are meant to correct astigmatism as well as 近视 or 远视. Toric IOLs have different powers in different meridians of the lens and come with alignment markings on the peripheral part of the lens. This allows the Surgeon to adjust the orientation of the IOL inside the eye to ensure proper astigmatism correction.

Also before administering a cataract surgery, temporary markings are placed on the patient’s cornea, to achieve the site of the most curved meridian of the front of the eye. And when the toric IOL is implanted, the IOL is revolved until the markings on the IOL get adjusted with the markings on the cornea for optimal astigmatism correction.

Extended Depth of Focus or Multifocal IOLs: 病人s require glasses after cataract surgery. These presbyopia-correcting IOLs help minimize the patient’s need for reading glasses or computer glasses. They contain added magnification in different parts of the lens that expand the patient’s range of vision, enabling them to see objects at all distances without requiring glasses or contact lenses.

If you seek IOLs to treat cataracts or reversible blindness, get in touch with Dr. Mustafa at American Hospital by filling out an online form or calling us at +971 47335500. Dr. Mustafa can help you decide if you are a good candidate for multifocal IOLs at your pre-operative exam and consultation.

Monofocal IOLs: This technique involves correcting the refractive error of one eye and intentionally making the other eye mildly nearsighted. This allows the fully corrected eye to clearly see objects at a distance, and the mildly nearsighted eye to see up close objects without using glasses. Over a period of time, the patient adapts and uses the dominant eye to view distant objects and the non-dominant eye to view near items.

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