Immunology & Allergy Testing

Immunology & Allergy Testing
Our Immunology Lab specializes in various tests essential for diagnosing autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases, and allergic conditions. Our comprehensive autoimmune disease testing includes but is not limited to Anti-Nuclear antibodies, Rheumatoid Factor, Anti-Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide, and a range of specific antibodies such as Anti-SM, Anti-RNP, Anti-RO, Anti-LA, Anti-Scl-70, and Anti-DsDNA.

We also offer anti-Cardiolipin IgG and IgM tests, Anti-Beta 2 Glycoprotein I IgG and IgM, and C4 and C3 levels. Our expert immunological analyses assist healthcare professionals in devising the most accurate and personalized treatment plans for patients.

Allergy Tests: Blood tests effectively identify the specific allergens causing allergy symptoms. These tests measure the concentration of particular IgE antibodies in the blood, giving physicians a clear indication of allergic sensitization. Based on the test results, allergy physicians provide targeted treatment plans, which may include allergy shots, medication, lifestyle changes or immunotherapy to manage symptoms.

Testing Includes

  • Anti-Nuclear Antibody panel 15 and 23
  • ANCA profile
  • Cardiolipin Abs
  • Beta 2 Glycoprotein Abs
  • Food allergen and Respiratory allergen panel
  • Allergy component testing
  • TB QuantiFERON testing
  • Food intolerance panel

Doctors Panel of Immunology & Allergy Testing

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