Pediatric Ear, Nose And Throat

Ear, 鼻子, and throat disorders can be painful for 孩子们 as well as for those caring for them. At American Hospital Dubai, we know that you want the best care for your child. That’s why our fellowship-trained 儿科 ENT Specialists practice with an emphasis on ensuring your child’s optimal health and 发展.

Pediatric ear, 鼻子 & throat care at American Hospital’s Otolaryngology is comprehensive and caring. 通过选择我们, your child will have access to state-of-the-art diagnostic testing and a full spectrum of treatment for all ENT disorders. There are many choices in Dubai Media City when your child has a Pediatric ENT issue. Our fellowship-trained physicians at American Hospital provide the latest services and compassionate care to all young patients.

Because of the constantly changing 发展, certain pathologies have different consequences from those of adults, and this is especially true with ENT complications in 孩子们. Sensory disorders such as deafness lead to speech issues, comprehension difficulties, and academic impediments. Sometimes it becomes quite challenging to distinguish between issues when young 孩子们 experience a language delay or an attention disorder. This is why early detection and screening enable our physicians to provide the most updated recommendations for the optimal care of your child.

在必要的时候, our team at American Hospital works in a multidisciplinary approach with other pediatric sub-specialists, to ensure that each child’s communication, 发展, and learning needs are fully evaluated and that the appropriate care is provided. 另外, our Department is equipped for all age groups and we are working collaboratively with other healthcare professionals for the best assessment and care for your child.

ENT Conditions We Treat:

Our dedicated ENT pediatrician provides diagnosis and treatment for almost all ear, 鼻子, and throat disorders, ranging from common disorders such as ear infections, 打鼾, or sleep apnea to complex cases including cholesteatoma and congenital malformations. These conditions include:

  • Seromucous otitis, recurrent ear infections
  • Pathology of 打鼾 and sleep apnea
  • Speech delay, stuttering
  • Hearing loss - hearing aids and cochlear implants
  • Chronic tonsillitis
  • Congenital malformations: Pre-auricular fistula, cervical fistula
  • Neck mass and lump
  • Surgery of protruding ears
  • We are using the latest advanced coblation technique for oropharyngolaryngeal surgeries.

听力学 服务 for Children:

Our audiologists use specialized equipment to carry out comprehensive audiology services for 孩子们 of all ages, including newborns, 婴儿, 孩子们, 和青少年. 这些包括:

  • Pure tone air and bone conduction testing
  • Behavioral and conditioned play audiometry
  • Newborn Hearing Screening Program (all newborns at the American Hospital Dubai receive a hospital-based hearing screening shortly after birth)
  • Middle ear function testing
  • Otoacoustic emissions (OAEs)
  • Auditory evoked potential (ABR/BERA) testing (under anesthesia or natural sleep)
  • Auditory steady-state response (ASSR)
  • Electrocochleography
  • Audiologic rehabilitation (to provide amplification devices, BAHA, and middle ear implants)
  • Cochlear implant services (include evaluation, pre, and post-op cochlear implant management)

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Keeping our patients, especially young ones, safety is our top priority. This is why we’ve put an extra emphasis on delivering thoughtful, high-quality care for 孩子们 who need it. Whether you need to schedule an in-person appointment or a Telehealth consultation with our ENT Specialists, please fill out a web form below.

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